Bits and Pieces EP

by Sensory Deprivation

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this little single is pretty much exactly what it sounds like: leftovers. now, these aren't tracks i thought sucked and didn't have any other place, they just didn't fit the flow of the new LP, but were recorded in the same period of time the LP was. cancer sores was actually gonna be on a split, but that split in particular is gonna be a while and i didn't want to release it once it's months old. the A-side is imo the better of the two, which is more dynamic/epic. basically, the first side is a dynamic soft-loud sunny day real estate type song, and the 2nd side is a more straightforward, 70s post-punk head bobber. idk, i feel like the second track has lots of gang of four and wire influence, which is hopefully only a good thing. probably one of my grooviest songs up to this point. anyway, pls jam this and go hard. LP will be out any day now.


what others said:

"title track gave me the feels =D"- supercoolguy


released April 24, 2015

brendan nixon- guitar, vox
mike hawk- bass
rich head- drums
brandon nikon- artwork



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Blue Mist Bands Biddeford, Maine

Home of Hyosis, Analgesin, Sensory Deprivation, Chester Sidewalks, and plenty more. Enjoy the noises...

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Track Name: Bits & Pieces
The house is visible. Visibly destroyed. No fault of my own. No fault of yours. I know it's wrong. But it's someone here. Accusing the close. Painful to do. We both know that it's wrong. But it happens anyway. Ignoring the facets. You are an enemy. None of it should be true. We want to forget it. But put it all down. Look at the nature. Diseased and unhealthy. Starving for you. My mind is stapled together. My body dissected for others. My words are indulgent. The pieces for all to see. Forced to be naked. Stripped of excess. Viewing me as me. I am reduced. My blood acts as roadways. My body as a tunnel. We look around. Inside my museum. The labyrinth of ideas. Unfinished thoughts. Forward memories. Closed in shouts.
Track Name: Cancer Sores
You must want to sing. Lexicon isn't needed. All you need is to try. This is what I'm yelling/screaming/saying/singing. This is what I'm singing. Unclear emotions. Impossible to decipher. Unclear anger. This is what I'm saying. Unclear language. Words are unimportant. Expression is none. This is what I'm screaming. Unclear violence. My songs seem shallow. Tremorous faking. This is what I'm yelling. Unclear disturbance. My voice is in pain. Passion is none. Four counts into nothing. Noise isn't powerful. Vocals aren't worthy. Volume isn't important. Speaking out my mind. Yelling for myself. Screaming out my thoughts. Singing for myself. Sick with hatred. Held back by force. Choking on my past. Clinging on to the past. Refusal to accept. Violently opposed. Suppressing the now. Digging my own grave. Puking out my language. Squeezing out my rage. Screaming inner problems. Singing for myself.