Cop Block EP

by Sensory Deprivation

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felt like skraming again to be quite frank. after only doing off-key vox for an EP, i felt the need to yell again (quickly). this EP is much more traditional hardcore/post-hc (in the vein of mid-90s unwound, off minor, pigfuck, etc.), which was a conscious decision. the cover of police by fucked up was the main reason for the title, since i have no bad experiences with police, but i rarely leave the house so ya know. reading gets you places. name is derived from one of the best fb pages out there, Cop Block (badges don't grant extra rights), which is great for all your anti-police sloganeering. maybe the views are biased sometimes, but damn those stories sure do raise some questions. name is officially changed to sensory deprivation, which fortunately is unclaimed beyond another band that broke up a few years ago. hope y'all enjoy the EP, expect more and an LP before the end of the year. remember, the purge is scheduled for sunday.


what others said:

"I fucks wit dis shit heavy, best SD release thus far tbh. He should get angry more often"- jacob

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released March 28, 2015

brendan nixon- guitar, vox
mike hawk- bass
rich head- drums
brendan nikon- artwork



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Blue Mist Bands Biddeford, Maine

Home of Hyosis, Analgesin, Sensory Deprivation, Chester Sidewalks, and plenty more. Enjoy the noises...

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Track Name: Pointless Tradition
falling words scorching frost concluded intro termination revived to death side effected beaten to life surrounded by morons bound and gagged flowing clouds shouts held in unlisted directions abundant individual free in the end free discretion bored to life scared to move kindly hated compromised mono shouting pacific fight afraid of pain slow to start pointless speech kindly hated meager crowd icy sunset suppress difference breath pushed out no means yes tired of living politely shoved reaching top one of a million
Track Name: Pointless Depression
havoc wreaking answers absent aesthetic of living safety for you imperialistic away with their heads loneliness gone free to exhilarate welcome back joe haiku freedom disease with a cure dead for a cause worried for me practiced absence strangely happy abstain from helping epidemic of masses whining for me pacify those opposing viewing fight for those torturous treatment pointlessly proven
Track Name: Police
i can't stand the police in this fucking city