False Euphoria EP

by Apparitionist

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here is the second release from apparitionist, which may change names in the future. this was originally supposed to be a split with dry satire, whom i play drums for, but since these songs have basically been done since early december, we mutually decided to just do EPs separately. this ep is hopefully better than godspeed, since the vox in particular aren't as goofy and there is a better sense of direction with these tracks. nihilism for dummies (which was originally the name for nomeansno's all roads lead to ausfahrt, but the guy who did the logo claimed he would sue them if they used it on the cover) is one of my first real experiments in production and sound. both songs have sound collages, nihilism more than the other one in particular. anyway, enough of this, hope you enjoy the EP. for the next one, y'all are gonna need a proctologist. dedicated to moose

-brendan nixon


my brother's latest video, first in a while. we used to make a ton of these back in the day, this one is new tho:

what others thought:

"On his 2nd EP in just two months, Apparitionist retains the tense, claustrophobic atmosphere of Godspeed, and adds a new sense of urgency. False Euphoria is a much more intense and captivating experience than it's predecessor, even in its more atmospheric bits. The vocals sound much more distorted in the mix this time around, which fits the harsh, often-dissonant music very well. Overall, False Euphoria is a big improvement over the already-impressive Godspeed EP, and I can't wait to hear where Apparitionist will take his sound next. 3.8/5"- jacob

"another wannabe musician flops... what else is new today 3.5/5"- itchy

"Sun-dripped devils have the power to scratch out anybody's eyes. While he might not be one of these, Brendan Nixon has the immovable skill to prepare the anuses of those who come into contact with his work under the Apparitionist name, to the point where the two balls of sight on our mugs become critically damaged. False Euphoria comes dashing through the volcano with improved production values and a method of distortion inserted into the overall vocals. 4.5/5"- jared

"And that leads into the biggest positive of False Euphoria: It works perfectly as a transition album for the project. It really feels like Nixon has a better grasp of what he’s trying to go for this time, and consequently the music comes off as much more focused and cohesive as a whole. [...] So, the next time you've got a craving for nihilism and twelve minutes to spare, don’t pass this one up. 4/5"- mandarins


released January 10, 2015

brendan nixon- guitar, vox
hugh jainus- bass
mike hunt- drums
brandon nikon- artwork



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Blue Mist Bands Biddeford, Maine

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Track Name: False Euphoria
false euphoria join the cause fix myself hate yourself fake ignorant blind deaf love your job life is nothing no one cares march with you about my items 1000 channels possessions endless zombified numb fake shallow asleep unaccepting depraved i feel amounts to nothing motivation restricted work for nothing misanthropy imminent join the herd loneliness present pristine condition mind is empty unhappy sitting alone all around us life feels worthless stupid joy is lacking false euphoria
Track Name: Nihilism for Dummies
nihilism i am me competition naked we are contradictions we race to the top written i am helpless we are you are you capitalism we fall to the ground blank you are now we're the same wrong am i but what is the view we are nothing beneath the crust and right you are