by Sensory Deprivation

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3 LPs in a year damn. never thought i would, but this is shorter than both previous albums. this was originally gonna be an EP, but jacob said the material was too good and needed more attention. i tried to kinda culminate everything i did previously, as well as do some stuff i'd never fully done (shoegaze, trippy skramz, etc.). jacob does some vox on this, since we're good friends and both dig each other's music. i think he fit in nicely, since i don't have a skramz voice and some songs need that. he actually sings on some stuff too, which is nice. i focused more on the other instruments this time than just the guitar, at the advice of aaron, who helped with unsound. i like that approach, feels more like a band playing that way. i did a lot less screaming/shouting here too, lots more singing. tried harmonies for the first time too, which i liked (probably thanks to i hate myself, 10 songs is perfect). songs are also more complex arrangement-wise, more changes and stuff. plus, i actually wrote songs instead of just winging it like usual. anyway, real proud of this one. definitely my definitive release up to this point, plus some new stuff. enjoy the noise, this may be the last one so don't kill yourself.

what others said:

"This was awesome, riffs were brutal and vocals were great also. Really enjoyed it!"

"3.9 of this is fore swan song alone"


released August 8, 2015

brendan nixon- guitar, vox
mike hawk- bass
rich head- drums
jacob scheppler- vox on some tracks
my dad- help with production on swan song
brandon nikon- artwork



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Blue Mist Bands Biddeford, Maine

Home of Hyosis, Analgesin, Sensory Deprivation, Chester Sidewalks, and plenty more. Enjoy the noises...

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Track Name: Overseen, Pt. 2
Statistics. No names. Organized. An easy read. Exclamation. Juicy story. Printed fine. Unnamed. Care for. Ignored. No individuals. No separation. All lined up. Herd effort. Where are you now? Someone broken. Try to care. Diseased. Sick. Hungry. A simple read. It's happens to the best. You know it won't. Represented by country. But not all of us. Pleading. Requesting. No help. Say don't do. Ride the trend. Watch the horror. Bring back this. Never remembered. Thank you society. Where are you now? Your own lives. Back to normal.
Track Name: Hyosis
How much has really changed? Was it one decision? Who is really to blame? What could be wrong? What part has really changed? Could it be natural growth? Years ago were different. Years ago were perfect. I reminisce about the days. But nothing specific. It just seemed to be better. Not really sure why. Nostalgia is a gift. But the source is never explained. We relish the distant past. Unable to explain why. Sorry to tell you. But it wasn't all great. I'm not force feeding. But it's all true. Think of tomorrow. The day after that. Sleep for rest. Live for the experience.
Track Name: The Future Holds Nothing
Circumstance. Feed fuck fall. Pretend to be alive. Makes no difference. No cage. Fulfill needs. Born cage. Cage is me. Cage is me. We're all set in a place. We are all lined up in a row. Flowing on a conveyer belt. Built in factory quality. Your chosen sameness. And your chosen reluctance/hatred. Stems from somewhere. You are not special. You convinced yourself. But no one tried to fix it. We let you speak. But you step down. Again, blame it on power. We setup your life choices. But only in your mind. This prison is your conception. No one can be blamed. No one source is there. Nevermind, there is. It was you all along. The future holds nothing.
Track Name: Screams Turn Inside You
Without a roof to hold you down. We would disappear in smoke. You wouldn't even think to return. Our finery rendered useless. "Take this knowledge, and with it go forth throughout your course. Mist will rise from the cracks of the earth. Everything will be as it was, the world will return to fog and lumber. This is the one and only truth." Finery rendered useless. Nothing is physical. Earthen thinking. Returning to fog. Was it conscious? Was it on purpose? Does it even matter? We all took a ticket. It was everyone's admission. Written without a pen. Spoken without a tongue. Written without a mind. Our lexicon wasn't written. Soon it could all go missing. Undocumented culture. A lost knowledge. Generations lost. Memories are dead. Never even born. We didn't exist. Technology dated. Unable to read. Maps aren't ever clear. All lead us back to nothing. Never reach conclusion. This time is the beginning. No one was here before. No one here after.
Track Name: Aristocrat
I attempt to react. All I can do is gaze. I try to walk. Can't even move my legs. My thoughts are on one moment. Yet I selectively chose it. I dwell on the past. But not quite out of choice. It might not be my fault. But my word doesn't matter. False trust is made. No one can break it down. We both know what you did. We both felt what happened. But no one else knows. It was a syndrome of gospel. They let another go. I knew what to do. I went by your words. I went by the warning. I went by the warning. I did my grieving. For 30 years. Usurped from me. This is the moment. Set an example. Suffer the children. Now I can sleep. Closure reached.
Track Name: Swan Song
Stop. Wait. Stay in your place. Don't move. Wait for me. Don't walk away. I want to leave. Take me with you. All alone now. Let everything go. Possessions are none. We are what's left. No troubles. No fears. No nothing. No anything. Now we sit. Gluttony is a gift. I can do this. But what is necessary? I can be anything. But why should I? Should we be alone? Should this be the end? Why did this happen? How could it happen? Who permitted? Should we be here? Now I feel alone. Illusive ending. I can't sleep. I won't get up.