Monomania EP

by Sensory Deprivation

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just putting this up as a little extra bit of hype, despite both of these songs already appearing on soundcloud. miss emma is a song that will appear on the as of now untitled final double album, and it's one i believe best represents the direction i took as a whole. one of my few songs with an acoustic guitar, and an actual chord progression. might be my favorite song on the album, since it has so many layers. the b-side is an alternate version of a song on the album, which was actually made first, but was cut because it sounded too similar to the other songs. pretty basic song with a build and some dissonance, and a really cool found sound. also included are 2 cure covers, which have been out for some time now, but not on here. so yea, that's pretty much it. just a single that will hopefully not spoil yr appetite for the massive downer that will be the album. until then, listen to better music (e.g., the new single soul album and the new boring bathtimes album).


released March 5, 2016

brendan nixon- all
reigh erkinspay- cover photograph

last 2 songs written by the cure, butchered by me



all rights reserved


Blue Mist Bands Biddeford, Maine

Home of Hyosis, Analgesin, Sensory Deprivation, Chester Sidewalks, and plenty more. Enjoy the noises...

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Track Name: Miss Emma (my friend got pneumonia and i refused to feel sorry for him because he wouldn't share his morphine)
Dependency from the start of the first drop. Waiting on the next stab. A little hole. To hide the pain. A new solution. For a small problem. Nothing else can top this. Everyone is useless. I know that it's terrible to you. But I know that you're terrible to me. We both feel. The heavier weight. Only one is able to leave the other. It doesn't even matter. This is the best thing that happened to you. But the worst to happen to me. This is what I have to show for. It's sad and vile. But it's mine. This self-pity is a coping mechanism. Unable to leave. Only live for one thing. Nothing else can top this. Everyone is useless. You don't understand. It may last a minute. But throughout the day. Those minutes are the only pleasure. Only live for one thing. Nothing else can top this. Everyone is useless.
Track Name: Cloudsong (Priority)
Pacing down the hall. Waiting upon a command. Crying out the wordless hymn. Years of no response. He claims to know him well. His people claim this too. But deep down he knows. He only sings for the clouds. False hope might help. But, it took him a lifetime. To realize that it is what it is. An ambiguous number. He threatened to share. If only by fate. Threats, not cures.

He spoke of love and forgiveness. But also fire and brimstone. Until he couldn't take the denial. He didn't know his idol. Now he can't live in peace. Nothing else mattered. Now nothing takes its place, must have always been this way.