by Hyosis

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Hyosis extends thanks to: Jarred S. for being the impetus of everything, Thomas S. for further inspiration, Calvin S. for showing us up on the art of jazz, Ansel H. for helping Calvin S. with such a feat, Sigrid H. for convincing us this had an audience, Jimmy N. for supporting us from the very start of everything and lending lights, Ty M. for being tall and bringing the sadz to the Century harder than anyone, Little-Foot for bringing an unwilling audience, Aiden C. for being a fluffy bunny, Greg S. for proving this is all possible and supporting the house, Ben N. for showing up on time to each show, N. for inspiration and artwork and poetry, Quinn F. for playing us on late-night radio, Chad A. for being a thing to write about, Sierra T. for giving us something to base the sound off of, Ollie A. for infinite inspiration, Jacob S. for the love of it all and inspiration, Garrison N. for direct proof that this is possible, The Northern Run for motivation, Christopher A. for further blowing our minds at Spook Central, Ghost Camp for helping us in our time of need, Zach R. for dancing his ass off like noone is watching, Will S. for being our biggest fan and the loveliest guy in the pit, Nate A. for being jolly and using a bronze excuse to not come to Love Train, Simi K. for making the melodica badass, Vanessa L. for trying, Austin B. for not dancing next to my drums, Pat B. for teaching us the phrygian mode, Mary M. for the Santa suit, Aivry C. for showing up and enjoying the show, Nick M. for playing the euphonium, Andy G. for being the most punk rock person we know, Mom for birthing me, Dad for bangin’ mom, Meg F. for writing about us in the school newspaper, Cam R. for soldering the oil can, Anthony A. for being the only acceptable dabber, Jacob D. for playing guitar in-between sets, Chadwick S. for being the first concert Reigh ever went to, Andrew B. for funding that concert, Carter B. for playing that sax for a little while, BHS Jazz Ensemble for JAZZ, Theodor G. for teaching us how to rhyme, Kali K. for supporting us all the time, Denise R. for letting us borrow your guitar forever, The EONS for being you, Steve D. for opening your home, Aja A. for having a cool name, Bonnie B. for showing us the way, Cally L. for supporting our fans, Vernon H. for having free merch, Addie M. for being at all of our concerts, Shawn B. for throwing sticks at us all, Jill C. for teaching us the quarter note, Our respective parents for banging each other, Madison A. for being okay after falling off the stool, The trombone section for being lively, Breneg H. for playing tuba, Rodrick J. for walking the bass, Zach P. for being the sound guy, Mr. Clean for your magic erasers, Kyle R. for going your own way


released April 15, 2017

All songs written by Hyosis

Bren- Guitars, vox
Perk- Bassing, vox
Davidian- Drumz, vox
Dr. Jazz- Tenor Sax on 12
Dalton James- Bari Sax on 12
Mr. Thalamus- Discussion
K. Naomie- Poetry, artwork
Assenav- Photography



all rights reserved


Blue Mist Bands Biddeford, Maine

Home of Hyosis, Analgesin, Sensory Deprivation, Chester Sidewalks, and plenty more. Enjoy the noises...

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Track Name: Nemit
Art never started
Track Name: Symetty
Symmetrically born
Mind falling down
The prosperity of the pull
To sink is to rise

What goes up comes down
What falls will rise
What grows also dies

Climbing to each other's ends
All racing for the heavens
Running over the line
The listeners don't know what to find

Shadowy syntax of loss
Confusing rhetoric of misery
Striking words we emboss
The listener doesn't know what to find
Track Name: Below the Lake
I walked below the lake
The gleam caught me
I could see it all
I went through happily

I pace below the lake
The light caught me
I could feel it all
I went through gladly

I fell below the lake
The gravity dropped me
I could have it all
I went through sadly

Walk with me below the lake
Let's take a dip
Let's descend upon
Let's break the rhythm

Follow me below the lake
Let's break the circle
Let's erase the books
Evolve without logic

To the cadence of time
I walked below the lake
My mind contorted
The new perspective
I'm not here
My body started to float

No more mathematics
No more sciences
No more languages
The mind is the absolute

A new orbit begins
No names
No numbers
No letters
No elements
No colors

I'm not here
Track Name: Pheatre
No food
A marble bed
No love
Some attraction

A crumbling homestead
No need for others
It's a place to fall
It's a place to dull

Each night
A further suspension
A closer ascension
A deeper descension

Not people
But exhibitions
Of atrocity
Of grime
Of their own tribulation

Atrocity or amenity
Exhibitions of
Track Name: Relavation
Climbing down the ocean
Expanding through the sea
Running through the frost
Wallow near me

Swimming through the land
A jesus polar
Walking on the snowbanks
Another sign of her

The ghost of great winters past
Every cold holds better photos
Lonely walks around rivers
Somehow always arose

Even if the idea's still there
The body is certainly not
Even if I sleep through our day
I know I'm still stuck on our thoughts

Seasons follow the mind
Cold in mind and cold outside
Sleep it off to remember the time
Both of us were occupied
Track Name: Righ
The tiles slowly creak
The fake heat winding through
The silence louder than war
The ticking of a lonesome hand

No bodies alive and moving
No warmth on me or around
No emotion or kinetic energy
No changes on the shoreline

Pacing through endless hallways
Never felt so alone
Never seemed so below

No changes at the sunrise
No life breathed in the manor
No conversations held
Two hands ticking away

The droning nature
Of ersatz warmth
Our warmest days
Are never outside

Our most beautiful colors
Are always of the leaves
There's a polar peace
In uncertainty
Track Name: Norhi
The most alive
A colorless
A nameless
A lifeless street
Has ever seemed

Sitting on a swingset
We are the 2nd generation
To be lost
History has repeated itself
A sharp 100 years later

So precise
So perfect
So accurate
That we forgot to feel
To be real
To be wholesomely uncertain

So certain of the future
We can't get out of bed
So set on utopia
We forgot how to fight

Nervousness is shameful
Imperfection is priceless
No longer alone
We are members
We are letters
We are numbers
We are statistics

Facing inward
The weight so heavy
We can't write it off
We can't run away
We can only sleep it off
Only for it
To wake us back up

The realest life I see
Is imperfect
Lacks perfect articulation
Isn't fully colored

A swingset
A roadmap
A high school
A pencil

The rest
I'm uncertain of
This just had to be written
Before I forgot
Like we usually do

Once you were

Now you're on a bench
Not living
Track Name: Borg
One man's faith
Is another's delusion
A life without soma
A life of just me

Find a new source
Find a new blame
Drifting from the course
No portrait for the frame

Fighting in and out
Her shame hanging
Nothing to hum about
Emotions rushing and clanging

Pale pink of her lips
The given chance of escape
When the half didn't want it
Death is the last thing in mind

Blue walls caving in
Green blades swinging by
Real ecstasy for taking
Lost another to gain more

No poetry in loss
Track Name: Blanco
Close the light
Open the dark
Drop the sight
Absence of spark

An exit through sleep
An exit through pain
An exit through bliss
An entrance to the shared mind

Praying for amnesiacs
While begging to forget
The endless gray-zone
Where the artists run in circles

The great wall of the smile
On a pretty canvas
Polar peace in chaos
A blank page awaits

A blank mind at work
No colors to be found
A blank page awaits
A blank page awaits

Red letters
Orange sounds
Yellow syllables
Green consonance
Blue dissonance
Indigo vowels
Violet ringing

Only running inward
Track Name: Shompany
"I love you, you're perfect, now change."
Track Name: Cosmis
In a land of plus
And no adverse
A 17th ward
A personal land

To a globe unknown
To descending decimals
To a face unknown
To a descending soul

Perfection around numbers
Apollo in grace
Aphrodite in allure
Aglaea in face

The cosmos have arrived
My world in a frame
My galaxy has arrived
But she doesn't have a name

Bowed instruments crashing down
Milky waves of entropy
The makers swimming around
Dancing inside your entity

Exiting as a major 3rd
The fully sewn sculpture of life
Our molecules aligned
Track Name: Fenolssaj
Track Name: Timen
Sitting alone in silence and noise
Thinking of every way to keep the poise
Waiting on unease to quickly depart
Waiting on golden days to start

Begging to just tear it down
Begging for a better noun
Neurons all firing around
Voltage quickly turning on itself

Facing upward
To suppress it away
Rhyming rhetoric
To pass our time

Bleached by the sun
Silence so loud my ears ring

No color passes without a number
No moment goes without data
Nothing can escape the hands
Every hero against the river

Our worries all aligned
Flowing among the misted ruins
Lexicon is used at will
Fighting over the pieces and shares

Still all fearing the great day
Of the annual climate
Sleight of hand to paper
All marching in line

Fear of living separate
Fear of staying born
Fear of closing up the gate
Fear of shutting the door