by Sensory Deprivation

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it's time. the second LP in one year, how daniel johnston of me. this one is quite different from any of the other releases i've done so far due to the second side being a collaboration between me and frippertron, who has yet to really release some stuff under that alias but here ya go. i recorded all the parts then sent them to him for feedback and he did some cool stuff to them. that whole second side is one song, but i figured it would be good to split up. what i like about it is that it kinda has the swans soundtracks for the blind feel; various voice clips, drones, and actual songs that alternate. been jamming an unhealthy amount of phil elverum's stuff lately, so the production on this is definitely more ambitious than white noise. the songwriting is probably a bit more honest as well, but it's good for music to make you feel uncomfortable. the first side has some skraming, some singing, and some new stuff. shelby cinca (frodus), was gonna do art, but since i have no money that probably wouldn't have worked out. overall, this one is a lot more focused too, especially in keeping with the album format. also, take a shot every time there is a reference to tropic of cancer. and chad (la dispute), contact me already please. also here is a bonus remix album: biqniq.bandcamp.com/album/resound

thanks to my dad for lending me equipment to do this, thanks to my mom for tolerating my loud ass drums and amp feedback, thanks to max, ben, and taylor for supposedly caring that i do this, thanks to shelby cinca for actually replying, thanks to chad from la dispute for taking my music, thanks to chad from blue mist for reminding why i do this.

what others said:

"oh btw this album rules =]"- supercoolguy

"im impressed"- jacob (single soul)

"4.0 aka what is this shit"- ex-tron

"It's like Fugazi had sex with cocaine and TV static"- nick (elemantra)

my brothers other video (first song is in it): www.youtube.com/watch?v=EfMGf2KZbBI


released May 1, 2015

brendan nixon- guitar, vox
mike hawk- bass
rich head- drums
brandon nikon- artwork
aaron webster- production on some tracks



all rights reserved


Blue Mist Bands Biddeford, Maine

Home of Hyosis, Analgesin, Sensory Deprivation, Chester Sidewalks, and plenty more. Enjoy the noises...

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Track Name: Unsound
this song means nothing
Track Name: Creosote
Confronting ignorance. The way you perceive. Shame upon certain ones. Others it's not their fault. Acceptance of different size. Hatred of different scent. Abuse of substance. But what defines this to you? It's wrong to put down pigs. But right to put down choice. Climbing up a chart. But wrong to put them down. You say it's not their fault. But look at what's killing us. Eat too much. Freedom at its finest. You claim you wanted this. But deep down you don't. Sick with an addiction. Unbeknownst to you. Confront the opposition. With claims and little evidence. Defending what is left of you. Assuring yourself you are sick. Refusal to face the facts. Gargling on excrement. Vitamins are what you take. But it's a drug not by name. You accept them into public. But look at what's eating them. Chew too much. Pill is split open. You claim you never wanted this. But it's brought upon you now. Sick with an affliction. Unbeknownst to us.
Track Name: No Future
Recommended. To rectify your mistakes. Called into work. I am your property. Yelling at nothing. Shocked at no reply. Kicking at the face. Waiting for an answer. Dying for your sins. Hung upon the wall. Deliver us from evil. Forgiving those against us. We fought and we lost. The bounty got away. Misshapen and unknown. We reflect upon ourselves. We fought and we lost. The bounty got away. Misshapen and unknown. We reflect upon ourselves. Tracing back your steps. Dead along the way. Refusal to cooperate. Now immeasurable distance. We slammed the door behind us. Like you did once. Revenge seemed clever. But the cycle began. We sit here now. Collapsed lungs. Strained throats. Bruised bodies. Bleeding mouths. Broken teeth. We sit here now. Collapsed psyche. Both fighting for answers. The same ones in fact. But this race is not a war. But only human nature. Group effort needed. We couldn't get along. I tried to make it work. But grudges lingered on. The moment was endless. But never would work. I lived in the past. Missing the future. Words would catch up. Now we are both hurt. But a lesson was taught. Think of the next.
Track Name: Issued by Number
No one understands. Or so you might claim. Ignorance is a choice. So why not know? Racing away. Running down. Waking up. Chasing after gold. We were born to work. But none of us. Are willing to go. Blame it on power. Claim to try your best. But laze around until due. Sitting in solace. Forget about life. Miracles await. Work hard first. Opportunities for us. Issued by number. Protest against. Fill in the blank. Blinded by fear. Rejection due to. Blinded by fear. Rejection of nothing. Skills unproven. Pointless living.
Track Name: Self-Degrading Plan
Picking from the scraps. The ones you left behind. Digging through your trash. The ones you didn't want. Digging through the tar. To think i have purpose. I am becoming insane. For moments at a time. My chest is full of rocks. My head is in flames. My mind is burning out. I will be a slave. To my own psychotic mind. Decisions made from fear. Choices made by terror. We all have a disease. But some go unnoticed. Some cause pain to others. Some cause pain inside. This one is sort of both. This song is a symptom. My words are of delusions. Pills will never work. Interact with your children. Turn the blind eye. The easy way out. Switching brand names. Thoughts are still the same. Awaiting the catharsis. Negative reinforcement. Convinced I'm diseased. Undiagnosed. Told I need a cure. Raised by medicine. Cold on the inside. Dead on the outside. But not only me. Kill the source. Call it depression. Call it complaining. But it might be closer. Closer than you think.
Track Name: Voynich
Where have they gone? My mind runs wild. Scenarios building. Writing these words. I wait for return. Minutes become hours. Hours into days. I wait for the news. Imagine the worst. Goodnight my loves. Appearing anxious. Denial of fear. My mind looks for solutions. But I am running dry. My eyes they look for answers. I am stuck alone. I gaze at the walls. I scream in my head. I wish for a problem. Just for an answer. I know it's okay. But I know it might not. Start at the end. End at the beginning. Afraid to worry. But panic is natural. Sit by the door. Wait for the news.
Track Name: Codebook Cipher
Marching as one. Unitary. Army of lookers. Travel the path. Everyone reported missing. Wander the treaded path. Where is there to go? Why keep going? Terminus of effort. Search is called off. Codes remain lost. One objective failed. Negative reinforcement. Leads us all to nothing. Spoken only in tongues. The preacher man in me. Fetuses refused. Given not a chance. We choose our own destiny. Playing god's game. Resoundingly important. Spoken loud and clear. Decipherable language. Only if we try. I am lost. Important force of life. Looking from above. Searching for an answer. Stay permitted. Kill all in our way. Follow only orders. Think for your team. Stepping off for you. Led by a god. Rebel against a being. Think of your placement. Dragged away. Submission. Make it up to me.