White Noise

by Apparitionist

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well it's here. not much time has really passed between EPs to this, but i hope some sense of growth is seen through here. in particular, i noticed that a few of these songs are among the fastest and angriest i've done, maybe because i got further into school as it was made. plus, i discovered lightning bolt and they really influenced a few songs on this record. idk about everyone else, but i do hear some obvious influence in here in a (hopefully) good way. like how the first track is sorta white suns, the second is sorta lightning bolt, and the fifth one is sorta orchid. funny that the untitled song was originally really slow but i decided to make it fast, for no reason. this was all made in about two to three months by me, with help from mike and dick. unfortunately hugh and michael both went on to play in another band called the oracle which is more journey-ish. mike and dick came on only weeks before this was actually done so their parts were all pre-written, but i played all of them. every song title purposefully had one word as well. anyway, hope you enjoy this LP and expect many more EPs and whatnot to come about. hopefully a few EPs will come in the near future, so stay tuned. btw, this is sequenced for vinyl (1-4 A, 5-9 B).

-brendan nixon


my brother's latest video, first in a while. we used to make a ton of these back in the day, this one is new tho:

what other's thought:
"With Apparitionist’s debut full-length, entitled White Noise, he’s successfully expanded upon the darker, rawer style from False Euphoria."- Mandarins

"epic sampling"- supercoolguy

"10/10 it's okay"- frippertron

"3.5 aka i don't want to hurt your feelings but i don't like this"- asshat

"album does not disappoint"- stallion

"brendan gets closer to realizing his potential in creating punk tunes"- jacob

thanks to my dad for building a studio in our basement, thanks to anyone who jammed the first two EPs, thanks to fripper for tolerating my vox, thanks to jake for providing artwork and giving me inspiration to do this, thanks to mike watt for talking to me about punk rock, thanks to the boston and portland government for making me miss shows for dino jr., self defense family, swans, and a bunch of others (thanks for treating music like background noise for partying). thanks to them again for making me realize how great fugazi and btmi were. thanks to chad for distancing yourself from what you were two years ago, thanks to shawn for making me a better drummer, thanks to my brother for laughing at my vox, thanks to my town for inspiring me to make angry music, thanks to the other band called apparitionist for making me imminently change the name, thanks to justin trosper for convincing me i could do vox, and yeah that's pretty much it


released January 30, 2015

brendan nixon- just about everything
mike hawk- bass
rich head- drums
jacob scheppler- artwork (check dry satire)



all rights reserved


Blue Mist Bands Biddeford, Maine

Home of Hyosis, Analgesin, Sensory Deprivation, Chester Sidewalks, and plenty more. Enjoy the noises...

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Track Name: Zealot
everyone here is wrong kill the others violence is wrong join the crusade i'm not hateful rot in my hell be a zealot this is a warning they are not worthy not a sermon hear my fanaticism i am right hate me because i'm right you are not or be condemned my god is better anyway be a member be a brother hitler had the right idea he was just an underachiever
Track Name: Sanctity
freewill allows it i chose this life morality (is) useless now let me use it no one can know the world is cruel but i exist for a reason sanctity was made up innocence never existed your views are views your are sick too repulsion towards me this place is shocking except for myself life as it is no one can harness my main ingredient i'm not a creep give me yourself people exist here take this bribe i'll be on my way so let me in let's be good friends maybe you'll listen don't fight me away give me yourself you've known me awhile don't worry about nothing now follow my words let's be good friends so let it come it's only a part of my nature stay where you are now that you're mine only a friend should be able to trust me your younger self soon it may end protect the children i'll hold you down now stay around you're all mine now that you're mine don't be afraid i don't know how how it happens keep your position i've come to aid we all are different
Track Name: Passive
lacking effort exposure limited no realization nothing to follow his generation must be it nothing interesting similar thinking uninterrupted never letting go it all should be there no exploration repetitive wording shouldn't have to start previous generation never good until it's gone philosophy same ignorance isn't available next generation control over everything consistent viewing doors are locked evasive to help only mine perceptive folk purposeful weirdness reactive sources pale brightness refusal to change habitual eating life is delicate conformist attitude grade a failure sonic capacity misanthropy nihilism wrong generation obtuse exposure challenged minds geographically tanked near the bottom driving away repetitive wording confession of apathy violence intrusion willpower weakness passivity present
Track Name: Untitled
words are words mysticism is fun my words of wisdom just mindless adlibs i don't have a chorus metaphors might work screams are screams uninspired filler it is there's a reason for that skip this song no one liked me meaningless my life is a sea with no fish brutal honesty is better nothing to scream unimportant artificial emotion shouts are shouts propaganda song punk is dead false euphoria rip off emotion is more condemnation show us your anger check fugazi unintelligible i'm here out of necessity are worthless to you my verses are cryptic i'm a real songwriter nothing to say these words are desolate my parents didn't care my experiences matter i went into seclusion conversion words are pointless accusation don't make me scared god isn't real written i am blank you are stolen lines philosophy you are a riddle with no maze my rhyming is perfect the words aren't printed this song means nothing
Track Name: Deceit
you might be a deity i feel resilient i can see a light now let's go and hide pack up your bags i don't know where to travel follow me blindly it's my time to get away but away from here to your human attack but you're a friend to me a pact with a symbol but at least i am trying but come on disappear now grab all your stuff follow without fear at the end of the tunnel don't worry about me away from the others now let's head inside away from the others block out the others but come on disappear
Track Name: Overseen
138 all for fame no one helped pillage your property seeds of nothing lack of aid gone away connection off effortless stolen contraband close the books we are statistics no aid was given intangibility follow commands shut the blinds i'm stuck below i'm safe under here morality nonexist questions aren't asked inaudibility destroy the evidence search for nothing darkness off nothing is wrong invisibility shadows hidden hide the light network down mute the tv